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 Post subject: Writing
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:08 pm 
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Hi Everyone,
My name is Zeina. I lost my aunt when I was 16. (6 years ago) she was the closest member of my family to me, & it seems that 6 years back I didn't know how to handle my loss properly. I turned away from my grief till few months ago,another death triggered this deep sense of sadness in me. I started writing & everything just seemed to be released. It's very hard to write but once it's out, it becomes a chapter in a book you have read before and chose not to read it again.
I've never felt so free before, this is a sample of the most saddest moments I've written about:
She measured every step of the way as she walked inside the familiar house; it seemed more like an abandoned castle. The cold air hit her face, as she took her first step inside the living room. She had been used to certain warmth in that exact room, which at that moment it seemed to lack.

The corners which were once filled with laughter's were hit by a sudden silence that told her they will be only a memory from then on. Everything was different to the extent that she didn't notice the people in black. The same people who had been there before for a happier event. They didn't notice how puffy her eyes were they just stared at the only girl in white as if she had just committed a crime for her choice of clothing. Little did they know that the white she wore reflected a totally different reality which was of the darkness she felt inside.

All the glares went unnoticed by the girl as her sorrowful eyes searched around the room, everyone she knew was there, except the one her heart was looking for and spent nights wondering where that person had gone. She wanted to cry, but the sight of everyone moaning kept her back, she wanted to scream in the empty room but something told her there will be no answer from the person she wanted. She kept walking through the room her eyes scanning objects instead of people scared if her eyes caught someone else's her tears would roll down and she had no strength to stop them if they ever did.

She wanted to be strong, but what she never noticed that crying was her strength and only way out of what she was feeling. The solution was right under her nose, but she never took that path still thinking strength and bravery was what she felt. She thought it was the way everyone looked at her that kept her back, but the truth was it was her fear of admitting the loss and feeling that agonizing pain. Even though she was as close as she could be to the people to her it was like being under water, and all she could hear were unclear sounds and crying coming from the upper world.

She had never known such stillness, and never encountered such sorrow, it was as if time decided to stop in one depressive second and wouldn't move on. Her mind was as empty as her stare, and she felt numb like her heart was protecting her from a bomb that could tick off any moment triggering pain. It was only a matter of time for that bomb to explode "tick, tockā€¦"
She knew this time that her wound was something she couldn't heal, something that words couldn't fix and weeping wouldn't bring back.

But, it wasn't till the day she decided to open the doors of reality that the bomb exploded as ink on a paper and the pain subsided coming out as words finding their way to other people's hearts. Everything she had encountered, every emotion all the sorrow and grief seemed to have a purpose. She thought strength was in not showing how she felt; turned out that her strength was in her words describing the pain she had been through.

She was releasing and letting go, of what haunted her once and kept her away from accepting the sorrow, the result of all this was for the first time in six years her eyes were finally able to rest and sleep.

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 Post subject: Re: Writing
PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 10:48 am 
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A wonderful post. I wish more would realize writing brings release.


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 Post subject: Re: Writing
PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:18 am 
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This is absolute truth. and i have witnessed many occasions that writing has been helping many of the people to release their anger, sorrow and even fear

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 Post subject: Re: Writing
PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:54 am 

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Sorrows and difficulties are one aspect of our life. Everyone encounter various difficulties and sorrows in life.So we have to understand and face it.

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