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Is there any Customer Service on this site
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Author:  violet6160 [ Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Is there any Customer Service on this site

How come no one will answer my emails or questions when I post on the forum. I requested a memorial book for me daughters site two months ago and still have not received it.I have sent numerous emails and posted on the forum asking about when it will be available and they are just ignored, I could understand if it was a free site but I paid for a lifetime membership and should be able to get the things that you say are available . if it takes longer to make the file then you need to change the info on the site that says when you request one it will be available within 24 hours and at least have the decency to answer emails if someone has a question. Also want to know if this website is going to close in Dec when the domain name expires or are you going to extend the service. I guess if I don't receive an answer this time I will get in touch with the owner of this site(Vladimir Antalik, Dvorkinova 20, Kosice, 04022, Slovak Republic)

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