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Author:  Barbara [ Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

Hello my Angel Family,
I thought maybe we could all share a special story about our Angel's. Something you remember that always brings a smile.

What I always remember about Michael was how goofy he could be. I chaperoned his 8th grade class trip to six flags over Texas,Michaels sister Kristen and her husband went with us.The boys all convinced Kristen to ride Mr Freeze,they stood in line for a long time Michael teasing her the whole time and when they got all the way to the top she chickened out and came back down.He had so much fun that day.But the funnest thing was when we left Michael rode back with us,instead of on the bus, him and Cody had won theses 6 ft long stuffed snakes.Anyway I started getting tired after awhile of driving and there was this goofy song playing on the radio.Michael started singing really loud and acting like it was the snake and dancing him around being his goofy self. He had me laughing so hard I had to pull over.I believe that was one of the best weekends we've ever had.
I have so many stories I could tell. Michael was always so goofy and playing jokes.I miss him so much.


Author:  Cindy [ Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:03 am ]
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When B.J. was about 14 he was practicing jumping rope. Now you have to understand with the health problems he had he couldn't get his feet to come off the floor too good and sometimes he was a little bit clumsy for a while there. Anyway he was showing us he finally got it down and could jump his rope. Well he jumped it alright and the rope caught both of his feet and he landed smack down on his face. I can still remember it like it was was like he went in slow motion. Once we knew he wasn't hurt we laughed for a long time. The girls and I never let him forget it and we always said it would have won America's funniest home video's if we would have had it on tape. The little nut just jumped up and tried it again just to show us he could. And he did! He did finally get the jump roping down good...he never was one to give up on anything. I sure miss him!
Thank you for asking us to share.
Hugs, Cindy

Author:  Tonya [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:12 pm ]
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Hmmmm, a special story about my Angels......

It would have to be the day they were born. I was in hard labor, for 16 1/2 hours with an epidural that didn't work. The doctors would come in and check on me and my progress knowing full well that there was nothing that they could do. When the time came for the nurse to tell me that my boys had gone home, I remember looking at the foot of my hospital bed. And standing there was my Grandma who had passed away just one month before. She had a beautiful smile on her face and both of her arms were opened wide, just waiting to take my babies to Jesus. You are probably asking why was this moment so special to see, my Grandma loved me as though I was her blood granddaughter, eventhough I was only her foster granddaughter. And there is no one in the world that I would rather have had be there to help my boys on their journey to Heaven than her. And I know, to this day, she is just loving my precious Angels with everything that she has; just as she loved all of us while she was here.

Author:  Cece [ Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:56 am ]
Post subject: 

Tonya, That is the most beautiful story. I'm glad you have that memory.

Author:  Barbara [ Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:18 am ]
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That is one of the most special stories,just knowing your little angels are being loved by someone so special to you. I can just imagine my mom watching over and loving my boys in heaven.It brings a sense of peace to my heart.

love and hugs,

Author:  patticake [ Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

Hi I lost my son Bob on july 12,2008. It still does not seem real. He was 32. I still do not know what happened to him. we are awaiting lab results. He just went to sleep and didn't wake up. I wanted to share one of his pictures that he drew. He loved to draw ever since he was really small. He did this one in 1997 ... wing-1.jpg

Author:  Barbara [ Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

I'm sorry for your loss. Your son had a lot of talent! Thanks for sharing his wonderful drawing with us.
love,hugs and prayers

Author:  AngelPatrick [ Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

The day before I had my younger son, Kevin, I was outside with Patrick and my landlord. I told my landlord, " I am due in a few weeks and Patrick is still not walking. ( Patrick was thirteen months old.) She answers, " Are you kidding! Patrick is too lazy to walk. " " you will have to carry two babies for awhile." I said, " I hope not, Patrick is a good baby. He will help his mother." The next morning I was in labor and Patrick was still not walking. I headed for the hospital while I believe my sister took Patrick and his two elder brothers, Steve and Frederick to my aunt's house. I had Kevin in the afternoon. My family came to visit me in the evening at the hospital. My aunt said, " Guess what? Patrick is walking all around my house after taking a few steps with me." I was so happy to hear that wonderful news. I guess Patrick was waiting for his mother to go to hospital and have her baby before he gave me my wonderful surprise and gift of being a new mother. Great job, Patrick! You were a great baby, a wonderful son who has never disrespected me... and I am sure you are a great angel where you are. Keep up the good work, Son. I wish and pray you would have kept that great job right here with me where you belong. You were gone way too soon. Life is shattered now. Is it fair for your poor mother?

Author:  momof6 [ Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

my boys are angels. my ozzy was 2 months old when the lord took him home. i think about him every day.he was a very good mom started feeding him mash potatoes and gravy 2 days after he came home from the hospital. he loved it. he refused to eat baby food. he loved riding in the car. and swinging in his swing. god has him.i know he is looking down on us and keeping us safe. and my austin. he knew no strangers.he was a very good kid. he had a lot of friends. who miss him very much. i think about them both every day. i miss them so very much.

Author:  Kimbies [ Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

My story I remember we were living in Wyoming 2007 and it was snowing he wanted to go out and play in it,well even though I would of loved to take him out it was a white out you couldn't see very well so what I did I got out his water proof blanket and 1 of his Tonka trucks and I took the truck out and got him some snow and brought into our livingroom and him and I made snow cream.then got more snow,we just kept throwing it at each other his daddy was laughing so hard.he said what you 2 silly kids doing I said were having fun see my mother did that for me when I was little i'm from Tenn. my son Nathanial passed away jan31 2009 and 23 days before he went to heaven I was 10 weeks preg,lost that baby,and my mother my friend past awat 10 months,1 week bnefore my daughter wanted me to tell her story that she remembers the most my daughter was living in Calif with my mother after my father passed and 1 day I was cleaning her room in Wyoming and my son said mommy thats T'room and kept saying mommy you come out well my daughter called and I told her I was cleaning had she said mom I'LL hang up the phone and I'LL call back,you tell him its sharpay so I did because he loved her in High school music he always tried to do the baskettball part so when he got on the phone my daughter said I it's me sharpay, my son says mom here its only T. take care everyone

Author:  Alice [ Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

Oh,. where does one even began to tell their best memory of their child/loved one called home? As I read each word of everyone story tears rolled down my eyes for my own child. Then as if he touched my shoulder and whispered, "remember out trip to Ark?" Oh god how could anyone of us every forget that day. My husband mom who lived with us had just passed away, and the kids didn't want to have Thanksgiving and Christmas without her. We made it through Thanksgiving, but Christmas was another story. So a trip to Ark, we planned. The mornin we left about half way there it started to snow, then icing. That slowled our trip to a snail pace. And I tell you it was on for us. We had to stop for over an hour at this rest stop, and my son, "GOD REST HIS SOUL" took off across the parking lot, lift his pant leg up, yelling, "Anyone of you truckers going back to WV?" I was screaming, "Get in the van Punkin, right now." There he went out in the yellow line of the highway, that right pant leg lifted up and down in this dancing way and he way screaming, "anyone going to WV for Christmas?" We laughed so hard I was crying, my husband blinded by tears couldn't do anything but LAUGH. That made me so mad I screamed, "U both are crazy, father and son crazy as they come." and we went through this at ever rest stop from there on. We get to Ark, our friends that live there the next day asked, "U all wnt to go to the zoo?" WE GO, in more ICE then I ever seen on a road. I was hanging on for DEAR LIFE. We get to the Zoo, and u had to drive down this big hill. "YEP" you guessed it we were stuck in about 9 inches of pure ICE. My son, and our friend's boy agreed to walk back and get help. Oh lord I laughed until I wanted to pee that seat full. There they go and this BIG BULL comes out of nowhere and takes after them. They grab these big sticks waving, them madly in the air to scare the bull. All that did was got him madder, and he broke into charge, those two boys JUMPED ON IT'S HORNS and was hanging on for dear life, and OFF WENT my son's BIG BAGGY JEANS right over that bulls eyes, he went even more crazier tossed them both off his horns, and tried to run off with my son's jeans. Lord Ronnie my loving baby, my first born child, a TRUE friend may god let you rest in peace. Ronnie my "PUNKIN went to be with the lord on March-20th-2007, at the age of only 25, leaving behind 4 small children that their mom walked off and left when the baby was only 3 days old. He was the world's GREATEST father, WONDER SON. Ronnie mommy will fighting until they find your killer and lock him away, or a Judge closes the case. Our lives were totally destroyed by our son's murder. I pull myself from bed each morning, making myself go on, for his children, my other grandkids, and my 2 beautiful daughters. Rest In Peace Our Special Angel. That trip will forever remain in my head because it was one thing after another that happened that made US all laugh so hard. I think that big BIRD that bit my daughter on the BUTT when she had to pee, was BEYOND funny, she jumps back in our friend's car, snow white and sadly said, "I think I peed in your seat" Lord Punkin you were right remembering that trip brought a smile to mommy's face for a seconds. I love and miss you beyond WORDS.

Author:  msilinsky [ Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

There are so many special memories I have of my son Nicholas. With Easter approaching quickly (he passed away Good Friday, April14, 2006, he was 10 yrs old) I find myself reflecting on these precious memories more and more. The last time I took him to a store was on the way home from the hospital we stopped at Wal-Mart and was looking at Easter decorations and such, he found a Easter basket that was camouflaged he put it on his head like a helmet and says, "Look Mom hut two three four" while saluting I started laughing and told him lets go find Dad and show him so he rolled around (he was in a wheelchair) Wal-Mart with an Easter basket on his head pretending it was a helmet. I know some people thought he and I were nuts but we were simply enjoying our time together and I am so glad that I didn't let what others may have thought of us keep me from allowing him to be his funny, goofy self one last time for me. He passed away unexpectedly just four days later. Nicholas was and is my best friend I miss him so much and I find myself struggling with Easter which before was my favorite holiday. I must keep focused on the good times and know that my dear sweet Nicholas is with God now and that one day I will see him again. This is done in pink in honor of Nicholas for his favorite color was pink.

Author:  Angel4 [ Thu May 27, 2010 4:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

My angels name is Paul Simon Deal he was taken before he was born i was 27 weeks and 6days along in my pregnancy when he stopped moving and i went to the doctor they told me he was gone.My heart broke and my husband just held me as i cried and screamed it wasnt true. i was in labor for 3 days to bring him into this world just to have to cremate him and say goodbye. i have one son here tryin to understand but hes almost 3. my husband and i are grieving differently hes already accepted his death where as i haven;t quite reached that stage. my baby was healthy and moved like crazy until that day when he just stopped moving and i felt my heart sink. He was 2lbs and 2.2oz and 15.5inchs long.he had lots of dark hair and looked like his brother. I know hes with god but i miss him and love him so much i wish he was here with us and just have to keep reminding myself that hes going to be ok in heaven till i see him again.

Author:  Angel4 [ Sun May 30, 2010 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share a Special Story about Your Angel...

mmmmmm my baby wasnt born for the memories i have i would have to say just laying in bed by my husband and 2 year old son just feeling paul kicking and rolling away inside me and he was so healthy and i watched everything i did.the day he was born sleeping 2 months early i gave birth by myself in the hospital room and he was so small and beautiful i never heard him cry and he never took a breath but he looked just like his brother and daddy the lord took him to soon but hes with alot of angels who will take good care of him.

Author:  tcrmomintexas [ Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  Send me a sign

My angel was 20 years old when he left his family. I sometimes wish he had died in an accident so I would have someone else to blame. But, his death was totally his fault and totally something that didn't have to happen.

As the anniversery of his death gets closer, of course he is in my thoughts and heavy on my heart. Every year we buy balloons and write messages on them. Then we let them loose and send them to him. From looking around on this web sight, I can see that is a popular way to send messages.

So, Tuesday I was sitting on the edge of my bed. I had my markers and was thinking about what I wanted to write on the balloons. On the very last balloon I wrote "Send me a sign to let me know your ok please". I had no sooner put the cap on the pen when there was a huge clap of thunder. When I had come home with the balloons, it was a clear beautiful sunny day. Then I hear raindrops on my roof. I secured the balloons and started for the front door. When I opened the door, I was hit with the wonderful smell of a fresh rain. However, there rain had stopped. There were no heavy rain clouds. But straight ahead the clouds had parted to reveal the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. The colors were so very bright and vivid. I came back in the house to get my camera. As I looked through the camera, there was no rainbow. With my naked eye, a rainbow. I realized that I had gotten a response to my request. The rainbow was a gift for me, from my son. It was not to be photographed or shared. It was only for me. Thank you Bud. Thank you for letting me know you made it to the other side. I know now that you are no longer in pain, free from daily needles and pricking your fingers. I hope you have found your grandfather. I laugh at the thought of you playing golf, or more so of him playing video games with you. I miss my baby boy so very much. I carry you with you with me each and every day. I try to honor you in everything I do, and I am working hard to keep my promise of graduating to you. Continue to watch over me and keep me safe. When the time comes, I will be happy to tell your story and hopefully make a difference in someones life. I will always love you so much.

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