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 Post subject: Lost of our daughter Emily
PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:51 am 
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A memorial website was created to remember our dearest Emily Elizabeth Brammer who was born in Texas Harris Hospital Fort Worth,TX on September 10, 2004.

Emily came in this world at 29 weeks. She weight 3lbs. 5oz. and 21inchs long. Tiny little feet the size of you little pinke. She had long fingers. Red hair WOW that made her daddy happy. He always like mommy with red hair too. Emily was rushed over to Cook's Children Hospital. Daddy went over to give information on her ( like her name).

NICU is for tiny babies. Not just a few we are talking about 35 between A & B, C would hold up too 24 or more. A & B are for babies real sick or dieing. C is going home almost. Well the pic of Emily at the top is her at the start at NICU. When she first nurse said we needed to sign sheet to give Emily blood if she needed. There was no way I was going to trust donor blood. So Emily had private donors. They were family friends and that we trusted. We moved about 8 times in NICU. Emily was moved to private room. She was not keeping her body heat, so they put her back under the warmer. She failed to keep heat about 5 times. But she got in to crib. Pink WOW~ Then she moved to area that two babies on each side were in Icelashen. Then I looked at her and she had a spot on her. I aske the nurse what is that on her chest. She said I was over reacting about nothing. I told her get me the doctor. He thought I was crazy. So they marked it with circle. Over the next few days it got bigger. Talked to the doctor they said they were going to run test. They thought it might be my breast milk. Well that test came back normal. So that was not it. They said she needed a central line put in. This was for them to get blood and give her meds through that line. They said that they would get the blood from there. Then they tested her for spinalminagisit. I remember when my little sister was born she was sick just like this...... They said no thats not right, that had nothing to do with Emily case. Well they did the test. I was right. I think the doctor looked at me like he was pissed off. Here he has the DR. education and me just the mommy. I kept a closer eye on Emily there.

One time we thought she was not going to make it. So she was bath in the NICU area. All my friends Glady's and Patricia, Godparents were Stephine and Chirs, Pastor was Terry Caldwell and his wife, grandma Linda and Yia Yia. The two proud parents Julia & Robert Brammer. Nurse's there Lisa ~ Candie ~ Brandi ~ Elizabeth ~ Pam (she was Emily favorite) I only left Emily maybe two nights. I think Pam was the one taken care of her. Ever night I would go back and get her ready for bed. She had a note above here bed. This was a way we got to do mommy and daddy things with her. Most of the time we just sat there watching her.

One time we made it to C and she got sick. I came back about 7am to find my baby preemie in vomite. She had a blanket over it. Like it was hide it. To say I was little pissed off. That nurse never touch her again. I made sure of it. So I cleaned her up and waitted for the doctor in the hall way. He came up the stairs in the back way. Well Emily was mommy and daddy baby. I told him there is something wrong with her. He told me he would come over later. I told him this is my child I am standing out here to tell you she is sick and I told him how I found her. Then he went right in for me I had to wash up and all. He said she needs blood. So once again moving back were we started at. She got her blood and they watched over her. I have to say one day your up and the next you are down. I was there getting Emily ready for bed and no other moms. But one she was a young mommy and her baby was not going to make it. They asked for everyone to leave. I got her tuck in for the night and went to the waitting room. Out come the mommy and she cried a I just was o my she lost her baby. I think the whole time Emily was there about 20 babies total died. I went back to get her clothes and take them home to wash. I come back in to find Emily had kicked her self off to the side and was in the rails of the bed. I was not leaving then. I came in out all night long. I told the charge nurse. I was pissed. That nurse never took care of Emily again.

We moved over to A. I or Robert was there every day with her. I can remember so many bad things happen to our daughter here at Cook's Children Hospital. I was pissed off about. I think we got to C and we thought we were going home soon. They said she still had a staff infection in her blood. And she started to get red areas all over her arms. I asked can it be the central line she has, and the doctor said no.... That is clean surgery done. I talked to one doctor and she listen to me that day. She took central line out and then I was in the hall. And Emily doctor came by Dr. Stevens to talk to me in the hall that afternoon about 300 pm..... He said they were going to keep given her meds thru the central line. I said have you seen her today. He said yes. I was just in there with her. I looked at him well she can have the meds but as for the central line she had it out as of 230 today. So you need to go back in there and put your hands on her and check her out. As for us we had to wash up and go in..... I think his mouth hit the floor when we told him that. I just wanted to say you charge my insurance and dont even touch her. I told my husband I was pissed again. I was starting to hate this hospital. Well they tested her and no infection WOW my mommy was right again.

Well we roomed in with Emily and all for day and night. Then the next evening we were home. Where Emily was happly greeted by three brother. She was loved so much and I know she loved them. Each one of the boys I would find them talk to her. Why she was sleeping.

Funny How life come in this world. And how life is gone before you know it.

Emily was taken untimely way. It was a nice hot day out this summer. We had lunch with daddy. My parents loved JULIE FRESH KITCHEN in Fort Worth, TX. Amy was our server that day. We had my favorite chicken and fries and jello ~ cup water. But I would get Dr Pepper from my daddy. Emily fall a sleep on the way home. When we got home she woke up and we were off doing yard work. Daddy went to work. It took about 1 hour to mow. Then mommy went and got cleaned up. Emily standing right out side the shower. Like she always had done. Dried off and got bra on and then my shirt. Daddy call and I told him I was taken the kids to eat. Then I looked at Emily and told her to go and get the boys to eat. Off she went me not knowing what would happen million years to us. My son came back with her and she was bleeding and I started cpr and called 911 but it didnt go through and 911 didnt go through, to my alarm to push the button to alarm company, and still doing cpr to her at the same time. I heard a voice it was the officer. She came in and so did fire dept. They took over. That is where I dont remember alot. Cause all my friends showed up. Me crying on the floor. I really have not talked to my friends that were there. I dont think I want to know. My night mare ~~~Emily~~~ my heart just seem to freeze and every stop around me. I remember being at the hospital wanting to see Emily. They said no..... That is my baby....... Please let me in... she needs her mommy and daddy. Friends around me at the hospital. We were just in shock... Dr said she is doing fine and then another doctor took that from us. Said she dieing. They took her to floor and the nurse Emily had were just great. Doctor said he was not going to do com persures on her no more. I felt like he just said ~~~~ this child. No heart at all for this doctor. Emily doctor came over as soon as he heard. He told me Julia there is nothing they can do for her. Just let her go... He said you dont want her this way, and in pain. My heart was really broken then. This is a little girl that was only 22 mos. So smart for her age Emily could dress her self and put her shoe on the right feet. She was potty trained. She knew her color and was starting to know her numbers. She would watch people closely and then do as they did. I will never know what this princess would have been in this world. But I know she is a angel in heaven.

Later my son Alex that brought her to me. Told me she was walking down stairs to get Nicholas. And he heard a loud noise. He went down there and the Tv falling on her. He took the tv off of her and as a big brother he brought her right to me. I found out that he ran to the fire house and told them. WOW I had a brave boy, and he did it with out shoes on. I told him that he was Emily angel on earth. She know's he loved her. She is very missed by us every day.

Now that our daughter is gone. I can't think of wanting any parent to feel the lost of child. This feeling never goes away. You going down this wonderful road and this happens. Our road has change like lot of other things has too.

Passed away on July 14, 2006 at the age of 22mos. she died at Cook's Children Hospital. Her love will live on in our hearts but we will alway tell people about her story. I just think if the hospital would have shared there knew's on how danger's TV and Furnitur. I would have done something to make mine safe. But not in the million years would have thought of lossing child to this kind of accident. I never heard of it. I think my sister Pam told me after being on the computer. How much she found on this subject. But you had to dig for it. Why you know something is going to hurt someone talk about it. Tell everyone you know and then have them pass it on to their friends and so on. This has happen alot this year. Before my baby there was two others in the state of TEXAS. I called my office gov. of texas. They said to start off in congress in my area. But they didn't care. See they have not lost a child and have no idea how it hurts. I have to say it was like talking to the wall and getting no where. See NO CARE'S BUT THE PARENT'S THAT HAVE LOST A CHILD LIKE THIS OR FRIENDS OF THAT CHILD THAT IS NOT HERE. IF the congress office had a heart they would be talking to me. Trying to find a way to put a stop to these kinds of death in children and adults. But like I said it will take them lossing a child. To feel the grief and lost I feel every day of the rest of my life. Nothing can change that feeling. But help take a stand for the children in this world. Please go and sign the bill

H.R. 1861, the Katie Elise & Meghan Agnes Act

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