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 Post subject: Really missing my Brianna Today
PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2007 1:30 pm 

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Hello girlz I first want to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year... I just keep feeling that Brianna should be here sharing this holiday to her father and me... Yesterday Brianna would have been 2 mths old and we went over my husband's family house like we do every year.... ANd it was really hard I cried like four differnet times... I am really missing her ...... I wish santa would have put her under the tree with a big bow on her head.... But of course she's not under there I knew she wouldn't be but i was hoping and praying.... I got my first period after having her on Dec 23 so that means my body is back to normal.... I forgot how much it sucked having it after not having it for 9 mths LOL.... I love my little gnome and I look up into the sky and say " Brianna hunny mommy and daddy loves you very much and we miss you hope you can see me and hear me"... I went out side last night and started crying and I was screaming her name ..... Then to make matters worst not like I am not going through hell with DSS my mother sends two e-mails to me that are not so nice..... I am going to inclued them in this post.... And she writes:

Michelle, HI! Hope all is going well. When Peg sent me your card there was no return address on it. So, I put it in a envelope and mailed it to you. I was very surprised that she sent it. And she sent me one.. That was very nice of her to do that. I received a lot of cards from my Congregation and the Family .. I am sending out Thank You cards that I am having made up ... It is the least I can do for my Granddaughter and You Michelle.. To tell you the truth(WE)really have No respect for Craig (WE) did at once but now YOUR FATHER AND I DON"T HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR HIM.... YOU WE DO... I am sorry to tell you this but this is how we feel.. What Father couldn't go to his Daughter's funeral. When I told your farther that Craig didn't show up he was UPSET .And I mean upset crying ..... He said what kind of a MAN is he , he wasn't there to comfort my daughter.. That is what your father said.. And he said he is NO MAN he is a coward, your father said that.. I said to each his own.. And left it alone....I figured that was none of my business that was between you and your husband... I know I was very proud of you and that made me happy........ Your father even told me when he passes away he doesn't want Craig at his funeral...This is how mad your father is , all so he told all his Dr's about how he feels.. I was there with your father when the Dr's wrote this down. in his medical records... You as his daughter will attend his funeral he said that....We are making his arrangements now and we are having a police officer there too.. Just wanted to let you know...... I will see my granddaughter at the resurrection hope... what Revelation says: I trust in the Bible and live by it...I am very spiritual strong. My faith is keeping me going.... I hope and pray that you feel the same way.. Don't worry about Your Dad or Larry or me. You take care of your life and your husband.. Some day you will see.... Well, My supper is done and we have to eat dinner... So take care of you you are a very strong woman and will go far in your life......I know this.. I am your mother... B ye for now have to go..... all so i have a meeting to attend to... Love,Mother( that was the first e-mail she e-mailed me here is the second one the one she sent on Brianna's 1 month angelvsary)
Michelle, Just to let you know if anything ever happens to your father or Larry or me ... None of you are going to be notified. I wish you didn't even call me to let me know anything. Please DO NOT CALL HERE AGAIN.. I was going to get you a Life Insurance Policy that YOU asked me to get, but I decided NOT to .. You have a husband let him support you and let him buy your policy and if you pass away that is his problem not mine or your Father's problem..And we don't even what to be notified.... Your father and I brought you up raised you and when you turned 18 youwent on your own.. Now grow up ... Stop being a baby, and get a life.. Let your husband get a job and you get a job and work for your money....Stop getting money off the government when you both can WORK.... So, Now He his YOUR PROBLEM...And your are his problem... You made your bed now lay in it..Your grandfather's favorite quote.. DO NOT CALL ME ANY LONGER. Your father told me don't send him a picture of your daughter. I will have a copy made for him.. To tell you the Truth Your Father DOESN'T want any thing to DO with you or your husband.. I didn't want to tell you this but I decided to.........I am the one that dialed your # he told me NO but I made him talk to you he didn't want to.... He told to me to tell you.this.... He is sick and what your putting me and him through.. YOU WILL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM.OR ME.. IF (WE) pass You will not be notified... And it will NOT be in the Paper.. You will Never know..... Have your fun and enjoy your life with your husband.... Yes I was very proud of you that day of your daughter's funeral .. Enjoy the ear rings that I gave you .. That is the Last thing you will ever get from me again.. Keep them , throw them out , do what ever you want to . I don't care any more.. All I am going to care about is JEHOVAH GOD, Dad and Larry and My self .. THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just do me one favor Just forget about your father and Me..YOU HAVE NO PARENTS ANY LONGER....... I don't care who you show this e-mail too or print it out... I don't care any more.. Larry and I will take very good care of your father. We don't need you... We get support for other people..More than YOU ever gave us.. And if you have any more children Don't let us know... FORGET ABOUT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK.. please Do NOT e-mail me back...... I heard that you told a lot pf people lies about me... Say what you want to .. Jehovah is the Judge of all. threw Jesus Christ.......You will be judged liked I will be judged everyone will be judged... GOD WILL JUDGE ALL IN HIS DUE TIME. I hope that your smarting up fast. Time is getting short. Have a Wonderful life..... Good-By Forever
This is my mother the one I am surpose to turn to huh.... Will I'm done I have to much to deal with now..... Thanks for listening to me yet again girlz you are all my sisters and alot of you are like mothers to me so thank you very much for being here for me when my mother isn't..... Much love,

Michelle " Lonelyheart24"
In loving memeory of my sweet angel Brianna



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PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2007 1:56 pm 

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I am so sorry about the way your mother and father are treating you. They sound like very harsh people. I will pray for you. I will also pray for them. Love, Mama Lucy

Lucy Carter

In loving memory of, Laura Dawn 2/26/68-7/19/07, my first born child, my daughter, my friend.
In loving memory of, Myron H. (Ozzie) Osborne 8/22/22-3/29/89, My dad, my teacher, my hero.

Megan, Heather, Andrew,( Laura ), Mary, Jim, Russell

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