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Still missing my Mom and its been 5 years
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Author:  degaris371097 [ Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:51 am ]
Post subject:  Still missing my Mom and its been 5 years

When I think of Christmas's that I had as a child I often remember my Mom and how special she made them. As my sister and I grew and we had families we all would gather at my parents and she would make homemade eggnog with no alcohol for my parents were Christians and before we could open presents my dad would read from the Bible the real Christmas story and eat breakfast then open our gifts and as we grew older I came to really look forward to gifts. They were simple gifts and she would call them care packages and it would have shampoo, body soap, deord, powder, and perfume. Since then I feel like I don't have anyone to care about me any more. Plus the day she died a part of me died with her and I still cry and wish she was here with me. There is no one to give a care package any more. Christmas was her favorite time of the year sadly isn't mine anymore. :(

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