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 Post subject: My father is always in my heart
PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:07 pm 
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My name is april and i am 27 years old i lost my father on jan 20, 2010 of a massive heart attack. My father was a hard working lovin father he was the best father that me and my four sisters could have, he was always there for us and always gave us wonderful advise. Its just so hard for me and my sisters and my mom to deal with this hurt this is the longest i ever went without seeing my father or talking to him and it still feels like yesterday.My son is only 13 months so he really dont understand and my daughter is 5 she just asks questions alot the only two children that are taking it hard is my nefew michael who is 12 and my nieace abby who is 9,my father was like there father/ pop pop michaels father has been in jail sence he was 2 years old so my father was always there for him teaching him how to walk and potty traing him and abby lost her father when she was 3years old so my father was like a father to her to and plus my lil sister was only 16 years old when she had abby so my parents pretty much raised her until my sister got older whitch was about 18 but abby was always at mom mom and pop pop's even up to the nite my father past she was sitting on his lap doing homework and then when my sister came to pick her up at 7:15pm she sat there for a few minutes and talked to our parents and she left at 7:25pm and my mom called her at 7:30pm and told her my father fell to come back so thats what she did she made abby stay in the car and walked in to find my father on the floor so she graped him and put him on her lap and started cpr then the neibors ran over to help then i called at 7:35pm because thats when i usally call to talk to my dad and to tell him jokes and my mom was yelling on the phone so i got off and called my boss(whitch took me like ten trys because i was so shooking)and i went to the hospital to wait were a friend was waiting with me i was so scared i just kept crying thinkin everything was ok then my sister and mom pulled up rite behind the ambulance i could still see them in there working on my father whitch i knew was not good because my parents live like 20 minutes away so then my other sisters and some of our best friends showed up. I just wanted answers it was like they were taking forever my mom past out in the waiting room so now they were tryna get her to wake up and then she finally did whitch had all of us so scared. so then the doctor came out and got everyone together and i just looked around and saw my mom and my 4 sisters just crying and our boyfriends and i knew it was not good so the dr told us unfortally he did not make it so thats when my anger set in my lil sister ran out the hospital i fell on the floor just saying why? why? so they took us into a room where they could talk to us so then we wanted to see my father so mom went first she was back there for and hour and then we all went back there i kissed him on the forhead and told him that i loved him and missed him very much and i stood there for a few mintues to just look at him. then we went home the next day to the funeral home with my mom and older sister to get everything set up so he past on a wednesday and we had the services on sunday so many people came together to help us out i am so thankfull for everyone who helped out . My father was a painter so he got to meet alot of people threw the years me and my sisters all worked with him when we were in our teens. He loved the ravens and went to his first game last year he was always doing something with the grand children whitch there was 7 of i remember in my teen years cleaning up and my father coming in from working all day and i would always have my music up loud and he would come in start dancing lol i always packed my father his lunch and always made sure he was ok because he was also a diabetic but that did not stop him from doing nothing . There are just so many memories and thats what helps me from time to time now were so overbertective of our mother were always calling her , taking her out, and just doing things for her because i no it hurts so bad for her my father was her only love for 35 years and i no its just like she lost a half of her because her life revoved around my father. I wrote alot lol it just helps me sometimes well i could write so much more but il stop here i love my father always and miss him so much

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