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Miss my mom
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Author:  chuston [ Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Miss my mom

My lived with me my whole life, 32 years. She took care of me and then I took care of her. She helped raise my son and was vital part of our family unit. I always went in and checked on my mom every morning and every night. So, the morning of July 14th I woke up to find that she passed in her sleep....We think we know what happened, but are waiting on toxicology results. Since that day every where I look in my house I see her, I hear her voice, footsteps and her laugh. We are having to move now due to a couple of reasons, my mom helped with the bills and we can no longer afford it, and I can't live there anymore because it is too painful. I worry that my moving people will talk ill about me that I didn't care since I am leaving the home we shared with my mom. I just can't see where my life will get any easier. I can't sleep, I barely eat and cannot see where I will ever have joy again. My mom was a huge part of my world along with my son and my husband. My husband and I were young when we married so in all auspices my mom was my husbands mom too. We didn't realize how much she did till she is no longer there and we have this huge hole in our home and our hearts. People tell us we need to just move on and get over it, but we can't. We cry over songs, cups she used, clothes she wore, soap she used. Please tell me, does this ever get easier?

Author:  cindy1013 [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Miss my mom

This july 30 made 3 years since my mom passed and i really dont think it gets any easier.I miss her more and more every day.I was in her bedroom on that day when she took her last breath and i tried to do every thing possible to make her start back breathing but nothing worked.I had cpr training and still i feel as if i could have done more to help her.Iknow in my heart there was nothing i could do but my mind still says different.I lived right behind her so i could look out my kitchen window and see her every morning.I still find myself looking out that window waiting for her to come out her back door.I want to taste her food once more because nothing i eat taste like hers so i dont eat much anymore.I want to tell her one more time moma i love you.I wait each day for her phone call just to hear her voice one more time.I think of her and cry and i just cant seem to get over it.some times i think its only a bad dream and i will wake up soon.I cant even write this with out crying.I cant get that day out of my head i relive it everyday always wanting to know what did i do wrong?So for anyone out there who is going through this just know there is also someone else going through it also.I cant tell you it will get easier because for me after 3 years it still hurts .

Author:  jennibrandolino [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Miss my mom

Hi I lost my mom in april 2009 the day after easter and it was hard for me because I was the last person my family called.Didn't call till 8pm easter night to tell me that my mom was not here with us anymore. out of all my family she was one that I will never forget because I didn't know my mom till I was 16. and moved in with her when I turned 17. I didn't think it would get easier to live with out her but it does. my mom's birthday is coming up on sunday aug.15. I miss her everyday. my son miss her too. It will get easier. It will take sometime. My mom lived in ILL. and I was in RI when she passed. It is very hard I'm trying not to cry.

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