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Did you experience some of the Five Stages of Grief
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 Post subject: Kübler-Ross model - Five Stages of Grief
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:56 am 
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The Kübler-Ross model describes, in five discrete stages, the process by which people deal with grief and tragedy. Terminally ill patients are said to experience these stages. The model was introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying. The stages have become well known, and are called the Five Stages of Grief.

The stages are:

1. Denial - The initial stage.: "It can't be happening."
2. Anger .: "How dare you do this to me?!" (either referring to God, the deceased, or oneself)
3. Bargaining .: "Just let me live to see my son graduate."
4. Depression .: "I'm so sad, why bother with anything?"
5. Acceptance .: "I know my son will be in a better place"

Kübler-Ross originally applied these stages to any form of catastrophic personal loss (job, income, freedom). This also includes the death of a loved one, or even divorce. She also claimed these steps do not necessarily come in order, nor are they all experienced by all patients, though she stated a person will always experience at least two.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 6:48 pm 
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Yes, i am currently going through two of these stages...

2. Anger
4. Depression

The strongest one is Anger right now, because i don't understand why Ryan's death had to be, why he was at the river that night, why he was able to save that boy but not himself, what really happened that night? And i am ashamed to admit it, but i am angry at the boy he saved...I don't think this is normal but it is an honest feeling....


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 Post subject: Re: Kübler-Ross model - Five Stages of Grief
PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:56 am 
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1. Denial

I experienced this for the first 8 months after my Mom's death. It would occur to me that she died and i would be in shock, like, "Whoah! What?" It's been a tough fact to swallow. She died 8 months and 9 days ago. I haven't experienced that shock factor anymore since the very end of the 7th month.

2. Anger

My anger was focused towrds the doctor who callously told my Mom she was going to die. My Mom was very child like and it was quite literally like telling a child in a harsh, matter of fact tone that they're going to die. My Mom, sitting there on the doctor's table, looking down, dangling her legs and me telling her that GOD decides these things, not doctors. I hated and hate that doctor. More anger toward family members who isolated/isolate me and have never once checked on me to see how i am after this most catastrophic event has happened to me. Various other feeligs of anger for little things that happened by family members before Mom died. I'm still in the anger stage. It manifests itself from time to time.

3. Bargaining

This stage happened before she died. I begged God to keep her around a little longer. I offered to clean up my own spiritual condition so that i would be a more effective prayer warrior for her healing.

4. Depression

Ugh..yep. Pretty much the entire time. I am trying to master the art of distraction. I read that grief is a life time occurence and so i figure i can afford to put it off as much as possible since i have to deal with it for rest of my life anyway.

5. Acceptance

I bounce back and forth between this and the other three stages.

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