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 Post subject: The Day My Life Changed....
PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:29 am 
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Day My Life Changed....7/15/09
I got a phone call from Denise, an assistant manager at Walmart, at 5:34am, stating she was sorry that she had to call me so early in the morning. She told me that she has someone that needed to talk to me. As I look in bed next to me, I thought maybe it was Ken, cause he was not there. I had dropped him off at a bar the night before, and he wasn't home yet. So here I am thinking, he had gotten so drunk, and didn't know where he was, so he walked to Walmart. Boy was I wrong. I was in for a big shock. The person that wanted to talk to me was State Trooper Butler. He asked if I still lived on Godwin Street, and asked if I was home. He had some news that he needed to share with me.
So, I went to the front porch and sat in the chairs awaiting his arrival.

That was the day my life changed for the worse. I was told that there was a call to 911 around 2am, that there was a person lying in the middle of the road. A couple minutes later, that call was updated to the person had been struck by a vehicle. That person was my husband,
Kenneth Alan Neumyer Jr.

He was born June 24, 1973. He was killed July 15, 2009.
He was a loving husband. He was a daddy to Lizzie, Ben, Devlin, Amber, Alannah, Alyssa, Damien and Christopher. He was a brother to Kim, Craig and Jeff. He was a son to Ken and Kate.
He was my life. We were gonna spend the rest of our lives together.
Someone left him to die... someone who didn't care that he had a familt that loved him. They didn't care that now, I have to raise two little boys without a father. I have to teach them everyday what a father would teach them. I have become a mother and a father. I am now a single mother of four. All because someone didn't care.
I will not stop until I find out what happened to him.

He was loved by many. He started his job at the Short Stop in Selma in July 2008. His customers loved coming in and seeing him. He always greeted them with a smile. He loved his job. He met so many people. All the regulars, all the passer-bys....everyone always had something nice to say about Ken.
The store set up a bucket for donations, and to tell you....people loved him. People want to take care of his family. In his store alone, over $600 was raised. The district manager put a bucket in her other stores, and they raised as a group over $400. People loved him, people that didn't know him wanted to help. He was that type of person. I can walk in the store now, and people tell me how sorry they are for my loss. It's not just my loss, they lost a great friend at the same time. If I ever need anything, I know where to go. All of our neighbors have come to help. I never knew most of them until now. I am very grateful for the friends that he made working at the gas station.
They not only put up a bucket, but his boss, Rebecca, put up his shirt for people to sign- people loved him. This shirt was filled up within days. There is a second shirt that was signed more by the associates that worked with him. He was a very lovable person, that was loved back.

The only part of his family that I had ever met were his parents. I met his sister in law, Jaime, once and her son Troy. Other than that, I had only talked to his family. It was a goal of ours to go to Boston to meet his family. I was upset that I had to meet them under these circumstances. His family was a very close family. The four kids were very close. As talking to his sister, the two of them were really close when they were younger. They got into a LOT of trouble together. Then Kim turned into a Ken got his little brothers to follow him and the three of them got in trouble together.

And now, I have to raise my kids everyday, knowing he is looking down upon me, and will always look out for me. I have to keep his life alive in his boys hearts. They will have to be told all the time who he is, and what he was about. I have to live my life without him. And believe me, the first several days were really hard. The weeks after got a little better, but it's still really hard. I keep waiting for him to come walking down the street, or come around the corner, or be in the bed waiting for me. I hear his voice, I look for him. I have dreams about what happened to him and no one will help me find out what happened.
My life changed when my husband was killed.
My life will never be the same.
Rest in Peace.
Kenneth Alan Neumyer Jr
6/24/73 ~ 7/15/09
I love you.

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