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Loss of my Baby Brother
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Author:  LixiaSky [ Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Loss of my Baby Brother

It is best to start at the beginning. My brother Stephen was born on Jan 30th 1996. When he was 28mths on May 24th 1998. He was struck by a car while crossing the street to the park. He has gotten out unnoticed and the lady driving wasn't paying attention and speeding past the 20 mph speed limit.

The injuries substained left him handicapped for the rest of his lift. Loosing half a lung, kidney and gallbladder. He also had broken leg and spinal and brain injuries. He was in the hospital for a few months before he was clear to go home. Mom worked hard to help him, love him, and care for every need.

In 2000 he began to run a fever of over 108 that wouldn't go down further injuring his damaged brain. He lost his sight and most of his ability to move.

He continued living with my mom until June of 2010 when the State forced her to put him in nursing care due to lack of payment on back property taxes on Stephen's House. All extra money went to Stephen cuz he was on public aid and they didn't cover everything and noone would help pay the taxes. Mom didn't want him to go but it was either she would have to do it or they would and she wouldn't even be able to see him.

She couldn't only find one nursing home in IL and it was the closest. In Chicago, IL. (6hr drive). He was there from June until he passed on Sept. 11th 2010.

When Mom went to get his stuff there were alarms that sounded for patients and she noticed that there were no nurses responding. It took her over 10 min just to get to his room cuz it was such a great distance just to go from the door to the only elevator and it took so long for the elevator to come down and get her. Which means it took at least 10min for the paramedics to get to his room to give him vital treatment. They checked on him at 9:20 and he was fine at 9:57 he was gone. What happened. The autopsy still has no answer. :cry:

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