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 Post subject: The set up
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 7:38 pm 
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How do you get over a death when you know this person was murdered even though the way the people who did this to him made him look like he was the bad guy and breaking into a house when this was not like this person, How do you let go of the anger and resent you have towards the people who did this for him since they police didn't do shit to find out the truth???? Please help it has been a year and my feeling are even stronger then the night I found out Ken Powell died.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 5:12 am 
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... I've experienced that anger, with time, fades away and gives more space to groom... and then, also groom fades away. It'll never disappear completely, but it'll become tolerable at first, and then just memory of a person you loved...

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 Post subject: I can relate here...
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 9:05 am 
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Hi rysen2thestars, and everyone -

My name is Lisa, I am the sister of Frank R. Rambone. Frankie died unexpectedly on November 10, 2006. - - I also had found him deceased in his room, Frank was only 31 when he died. And indeed trust me I can relate in a similar sense......

Our Grandmother lives next door to us, and also living there is an Aunt of our's and her new husband who none of us even know, he's been in the family for around 2yrs. Frank and I lost our Dad in 1986 from cancer, my Mom is still widowed, never remarried and took great care of Frankie and I all by herself. Our Grandmother next door is our Dad's Mom (just an FYI)....and she is very wealthy, but wouldn't give us a dime if we were walking in a desert, instead she'd most likely offer us a glass of salt! That's how evil she is. My brother was the ONLY son left in the family, all of my Dad's siblings all had girls, only my Dad and Mom had the only boy in the family which was my brother, he was born on March 25, 1975. Frankie and I both liked to vist our Grandmother, until our Aunt moved in with this guy she knew for only 3 months or so, then 6 months later she married this punk. Grandmom gave the deed to her home to this stranger, signed off on over 20,000acres.

However this new Uncle of our's is a very big drug user. HUGE! In fact instead of being offered something to eat, or a cup of coffee, do you know what they put out for anyone who walks through that door?? A tray - of cocaine! Already cut into lines, you never see it in the actual bag or what it was stored in, our scum Uncle never let anyone see the bag and where it was kept but he DID decide who did which "line."

Meanwhile, this scum Uncle and another IN LAW Uncle of our's broke into all of these brand new homes, stole all the appliances out of them central air units, stainless steel refridgerators etc etc. Well one day, the two Uncles were burying some of this stuff behind their house. My brother seen and witnessed them to it from my house. This was in Dec of 2005. what it gets even better!!! This other Uncle of our's is married to our biological Aunt.....our Dad's sister. She is super hooked on concaine BAD!!![b] This winner of a husband she has, IS A DEALER!! Well in March of 2006, he decided to stop giving my Aunt any more of this drug, because she did so much he would just get himself in further debt. BUT......when she ran out of it.....HEAD FOR THE HILLS! Get this: She was so upset that she had no more drug that she called the Police Department and ratted her husband out for robbing those homes 3 months prior!!

GETS EVEN BETTER! The Detective that took her tip - happened to be this guy she used to date in high school, in fact they were ENGAGED and she broke up with him right before their wedding to marry this other creep. Needless to say, she turned her husband in and did our other Uncle and she did so only because she had no more drugs!

TO TOP IT OFF HER 1st cousin (he's a 2nd cousin to my brother and I) is the Chief of Poice in our town! --------- The one detective should have never taken the complaint from her about the theft, he was to sign it off over to someone else because he knew the family, he was about to marry into it!

Well, a month or so after her "tip" cops show up on her property and searched. In fact one ended up here, because word got out that my brother Frankie SAW them burying most of the things that they had stole. AND.....they seen him watching them bury it too!

I was getting very leary of this - very leary. A few weeks later my brother was interviewed by a Detective and did so willingly, and he wanted to help the police with getting these freaks off of our street! Long story short..........word got out to the Uncle in Law who lives next door (the scum who offers it to anyone as if it were an appetizer!) - Getting back to my brother, he went there often to see Grandmom. It then leaked somehow that my brother was an "informant" for the cops (a Detective that spoke to my brother verbally told him that he would be an informant which was WRONG for him to even say in the first place! -- Long story short, Frank was to testify in front of a grand jury against these Uncles......but he died unexpectedly 6 days before the trial. The cops, ........didn't even question them, they did know Frankie was at their house and with the scum Uncle who flaunts his drugs to anyone. I asked the coroner to put it into english for me in terms of what killed my brother,....... I won't go into detail here because its being investigated at this time, because we went over the local PD and straight to the state Attorney General. Ethically and morally the Cheif and the one Detective who took the tip from our Aunt who was out of her drugs and called the PD to turn her husband in - were WRONG IN DOING SO - Should had been handed down to someone else. Back to my brother's death and the cause, wreckless manslaughter, he was "poisoned" - thought he was drinking a soda! BUT that scum Uncle laced it with just enough to kill him and as the coroner said "that would have killed anyone who drank it!" Sad part is - it wasn't even alcohol, it was a soda that was tainted!!!

Took nearly a year to get them to investigate this all! WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW FRANKIE DIED AND WHO WAS THE CAUSE OF IT -

But when the cops/detectives or even the Chief want no parts or, instead of serving and protecting the communty, which is what they are sworn in to do when they take their Oath,.....instead of doing their jobs correctly -------- the chose not to do them at all - they tried to cover up how my brother died. AND THEY KNEW WE KNEW THAT THEY WERE BLOTCHING UP THIS WHOLE MESS ON PURPOSE TOO!!

Oh and as for the Uncles who stole, deal drugs, and yes even have killed someone,...currently they are still FREE!

Bad enough for it to happen, no doubt but at the mercy of your family.....there are no words at all - I am sure he's HOME wiht our Dad and others we've lost through the years. However for Mom and I this is a very, very tough loss, and even though its embarking on the 1st yr, it's like it just happened 1 hr ago.

Prayers are with you and your family -
God Bless -

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 Post subject: Re: The set up
PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:19 am 
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I think anger is very dangerous and we need to control it. We kill anyone in anger that is very bad and we suffering from bad time after do it. My friend also killed by anger person last month. Lisa give good information about it. I appreciate with it.

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