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 Post subject: murder is not a natural death
PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:22 am 
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I did not think a forum like this exists, but i'd rather do this than go to therapy. july 22nd 2009 i lost my grandfather to a pshyco path killer who happens to be his nephew. This guy was in prison for 15 years for rapeing and alomost killing 4 women. but they let him out on good behavior. there is seriously something wrong with our judicial system, but thats for another day. he was living with his mother, my grandfathers sister. on july 21st, my grandparents wedding anniversary, they went to stay the night over there. i dont know why, stupidity. my grandfather didnt really believe in evil, he didnt believe somewone could really be crazy enough to murder them. so they spent the evening over there. my grandma did not want to go in the first place. she tried to leave, but the son of a bitch stole her keys. Early the next morning, around 5am my grandma woke up to "him" trying to rape her. he stabbed my grandfather in the chest repeadetly, stabbed my grandma about six times. when his parents woke up and came out, he killed his father and stabbed his mother. when he thought everyone was dead he dragged them outside. my grandma and her sister in law were th only one's to live. It breaks my heart. during the winter my grandparents are snow birds and come down here to their condo. their not old and feable like you may be picturing, they were healthy and happy. before they left to go back up north me and my grandpa were talking about my graduation from college in dec. he promised he would be here for. and my wedding this october. he was suppose to be there. this isnt something that happens to you. this is something that happens to someone else, or in a movie. this isnt reality. my grandfather was the best man i've ever known. It just hurts.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2010 10:28 am 
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More than 5 years ago my baby neice who was then 11 mo's old was murdered by her stepfather in a jealous rage I assume. We'll never really know why because he's never said and no one can bring her back with an excuse. I am now a victim advocate, thats what I did with all the pain and sarrow, I went to school and got a degree in a field that no one wants to have a desire to get a degree in.

You are a unique person with a very sad and tradgic story. Im terribly sorry that you lost your family this way, I cant begin to imagine your pain. I only ask that you keep in mind that you have reached out to others in your situation because well, you care. And although you may not know it now, your story will help comfort others to know that they are not alone. I only wish that you never had to be in a category such as this. As you seem to be someone who can go so much further in life doing things the "normal" way. But maybe now, and Im not sure, but I for one will never feel "normal" again. And maybe your like me. Just know that your thought about and today, well I prayed for you and your entire family for peace and justice.

Your so right when you say Murder is not a natural death! Its a horrible crime that effects so many more than the actual primary victim and for that reason I truly believe the justice system should put more years of consequences in their consideration. The person who took a life not only took a beautiful persons opportunities, their loved ones and their space on this earth but they also in a very serious way violate the love, trust and very nature of those who loved that special person.

Im terribly sorry for your pain, and if I can be a friend that you can talk to, I'd love to be. I found your post after creating a page for my good friend who was killed in a car accident just 2 days ago. I have so much pain and sadness that I dont know what to do with, and even an accident like a car wreck brings back that pain I felt the moment I was told about my neice. Its like a weight on my body, mind and spirit. I cant wait for it to lift a little. They say time heals but I've never healed from my neice's tradgic experience. Only learned to cope and move on the best way I can for myself, my sister, and the rest of the family.

May you find comfort in these posts and please dont hesitate to talk when you need to. Know that your voice is heard! And your sadness is shared.


Mrs Angelica Doser
Mustang, OK

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