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 Post subject: Here one minute - gone the next
PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:01 am 
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One minute my grandpa was working on my Barbie no avail. The next he's dead. He was supposed to just have a simple biopsy...outpatient procedure. He had this on a Friday & was dead by Monday...1/29/79. Evidently he had cancer everywhere & the biopsy exposed it to air shooting it straight to his brain & killing him.

The phone call will haunt me forever. When people who never call you suddenly know something's up. An uncle called & all he could blurt out was he's gone...daddy's gone. We'd been sent up to bed but heard the phone ringing on the way up the stairs & stopped at the top to eavesdrop & see what was up. We heard "what". Then we heard screaming. Then we heard our father asking our mother what was wrong. Our older 1/2 brother came shooting down the stairs thinking our parents were fighting. On his way back up he explained our grandpa was gone. We refused to believe it but our mom backed him up.

We'd just been home for x-mas. That week or two was the best all year...even if it meant a 12 hour car ride. Suddenly we were going back. This was the worst car ride ever. Then we got there & we were forced to sit around & be quiet while everybody else was going back & forth to the funeral home. We got to go see our grandpa once & only for a short while. I can't remember if it was open casket or closed but regardless with all these tall people in front of me I couldn't see squat during the funeral. Then he was put in the ground forever. His family was never the same.

I've also lost a few others suddenly. One paternal aunt's kid was working under a car when it fell on him & killed him...he was only 16. Then her daughter was misdiagnosed with either an ulcer or acid reflux but died of cancer a short while later. Another paternal aunt's son was a MP & was trying to stop a car but it ran over & killed him. Another paternal aunt's son plus his wife were in a fatal car wreck. The couples child & my aunt & uncle were following behind them yet didn't even realize they'd been in a fatal wreck. A paternal uncle's granddaughter was kidnapped & probably murdered...we've never found her. An aunt by marriage went into the hospital for a simple procedure but they stuck a tube somewhere it didn't belong & killed her. My mom took a month to die of lung cancer. And my 36ish year old cousin's son just found her dead last month...either to suicide or a heart attack.

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