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hows the feeling that your idol died exactly where you are..
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Author:  missy_miley1613 [ Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  hows the feeling that your idol died exactly where you are..

:( :( :( I live in Manila, Phillipines... last Sunday (april 17), it was palm sunday here in philippines, when my mom and i were on our way back to Manila from Pangasinan, my mom took a look outside the bus's window because there was a traffic jam ahead, while the bus was slowly moving, my mom told me to look out of the window, and when i looked out, i saw a white van and a provincial bus collided, the van looked like a clay that was being deformed... i thought it was just an normal accident, but after couple of minutes my best friend texted me that Aj Perez, (who is an great and humble actor) already died because of a car accident, he died in multiple brain damage,. as soon as i read the message, i confirmed it to my other friend, and he told me that Aj Perez already died. i'm was shocked that the crash site that i've just saw a couple of minutes ago during that time, was the actual site where my idol died... what i can't accept is that i'm actually already there and i've already saw the crash site where my idol died, but i really don't know that it is, my idol died on there, and i can't accept the fact that my idol died on one of my favorite vacation sites, and the place was my province, so i don't think so if i can still go and have a vacation there again...

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